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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 16th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2015 - 2020
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Department of Foreign Affairs held a training course on foreign affairs in 2018

Implementation of the Training and Training Plan of Lang Son Province in 2018, on June 15, 1818, Department of Foreign Affairs hosted and coordinated with Department of Foreign Affairs - Ministry of Foreign Affairs to hold training courses on knowledge and skills Foreign affairs in 2018 for cadres and civil servants engaged in foreign affairs of Lang Son province. Attending the training course were representatives of leaders of Department of Foreign Affairs, leaders of department level, department of Foreign Policy Department, Department of State Protocol - Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of civil servants departments, unions and 11 districts of the province.


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Comrade Hoang Xuan Thuan, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department gave the opening remarks


For the purpose of updating and fostering foreign and professional knowledge and skills to organize regular external activities for officials, public servants in charge of foreign affairs of the province, the reporters of the Ministry Diplomatic talks on topics such as: updating the world situation, the region, Vietnam relations with major partner countries; orienting for external affairs in 2018 and the next stage; External diplomatic work in the new period and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Circular No. 05/2017 / TT-BNG dated October 17, 1977 guiding ceremonies to welcome foreign guests in the localities. Participants in the refresher course actively discussed and discussed topics as well as listened to the opinions of experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on issues related to foreign policy and ritual. , receptionist.

Some pictures at the refresher course:

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A / c Hoang Huu Anh, Deputy Director, Foreign Policy Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs thematic exchange 1

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Mr. Chau Mai Anh, Chief of the Office of the Protocol Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced the Circular 05/2017 / TT-BNG dated 17/10/2017 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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Mr. Tran Xuan Thuy, Head of Research, Department of Reception, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, exchanges, guidance on diplomatic reception.


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