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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 16th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2015 - 2020
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Mau Son Tourism Festival in 2018

On 7 July 2018, Lang Son Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism hosted the "Mau Son Tourism Festival in 2018" at the Mau Son tourist area, Loc Binh district, Lang Son province. To promote the potential and strength of Lang Son tourism in general and Mau Son in particular, investment opportunities, economic cooperation within and outside the province, contributing to the economic, cultural and social development, Mau Son Tourism Festival in 2018 took place with many activities: Organizing the competitions of ethnic minorities’ sports; Highland market day; Demonstration of the distillery of handmade wine, display of roasted pork – Xu Lang’s special cuisine, introduction of ethnic minorities’ product booths; Organizing the bicycle race to conquer Mau Son mountain; Organizing folk games such as the 6-spur rooster competition, a grass game named “lảy cỏ” and cultural and musical ethnic minority exchanges such as playing the trumpet called pí lè; singing “sli” and “lượn”.