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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 16th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2015 - 2020
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Attending the fourth meeting of the Vietnam - China Steering Committee for bilateral cooperation of Deputy PM Pham Gia Khiem

        From June 29 to July 2, Mr. Vy Van Thanh, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the People's Committee of Lang Son representing the People's Committees of the seven northern border provinces of Vietnam joined the League. Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem, a member of the Politburo and Foreign Minister of Vietnam, paid a visit to China and chaired the fourth meeting of the Vietnam- China at the invitation of Mr. Dai Bingguo, Member of the State Council of the People's Republic of China.
         At the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on cooperation in the fields of politics, defense, security, economy, culture and education ... and agreed on measures to promote bilateral relations. water in the coming time. Representatives of local leaders bordering two sides reviewed the situation of the relations between the local after the third session (March 3-2009) in c á c l loud nh v u c th Chapter ng m sir i, du l ch, n umbrella ng l â m Comfort p, th delivery box ng - v é n t she i, science h o c, c cellsng ngh Stand , gi á o d tailstock c - momentum o t sir o, yt dull , v ă n ho Asia , th To Sports ... Affirming has đạ t Duo c pediatric u k ế Output she rocks ng m yes ng, more go deep, effective and substantial.
          The results achieved in the relationship between the border provinces of the two sides in recent years is very important, meaningful, reflects the efforts of the two sides in promoting the friendship, Partners, comprehensive strategic cooperation. In order to bring into full play the traditional friendship and close cooperation , Vy Van Thanh proposed a number of specific contents:
           Firstly,Request the two governments to create conditions on mechanisms and resources for localities to upgrade some pairs of border gates to become international border gates; Recognizing and upgrading some pairs of border gates and border markets to bilateral border gates; Allowing localities to conduct field surveys, planning traffic connections at pairs of border gates and border markets with the flow of goods and passers much as the pair of border gate: Tan Thanh - Pa Chai, Coc Nam - Lung Nghu, Chi Ma - Ai Diem; Speeding up simplification and facilitation of customs clearance procedures, early adopting "electronic customs clearance" and "one-off inspection" forms at large border gates.

Second, the two Governments are urgently proposing amendments and supplements to the Land Transport Agreement and Protocol; allowing localities to study and develop the management mechanism of transport at the border gates and border markets with high traffic density; It allows trucks, passenger cars and tourist cars to dug deep inside each side.

              (Visit the Museum of Tianjin City Planning)

Thirdly, the two Governments should be strengthened to direct the research and development of cooperation mechanisms on tourism in the border areas; speeding up the restoration of passports granted to Chinese tourists crossing several pairs of border gates between the two countries; Launching some tourist routes as agreed and allowing localities of the two sides to organize the annual border tourism festival.

Fourth, the two Governments should continue to direct the functional forces of the two sides to coordinate the implementation of land border documents Vietnam - China; continue to maintain the common patrol mechanism of border areas on land; To intensify cooperation in combating and preventing cross-border crimes; Control of entry and exit at border gates, giving back citizens of two countries illegally.

             Fifth, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOF) and the Ministry of Trade (China) should cooperate with localities to study the construction of economic zones across the border between Vietnam and China. In the immediate future, concentrate on the Dong Dang - Bang Tuong Economic Cooperation Zone.

Earlier, the delegation visited some economic and cultural establishments in Beijing and Tianjin.

(Doan Thi Xuan Hien - Deputy Director)

 (Delegation at the Tianjin City Planning Museum)