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Determined to successfully implement the Resolution of the 16th Party Congress of Lang Son province, term 2015 - 2020
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The GMS Summit will be held in Hanoi

        Ministers of the six GMS countries will meet in Hanoi on August 20 to attend the 16th GMS Ministerial Conference to discuss common directions in the strategic framework. Long-term GMS within the next ten years (2012-2022).
        According to a statement released by the Development Bank (ADB) today, with the theme "GMS in the next decade: new areas of cooperation," representatives from Cambodia, China Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam and ADB officials hope to agree on an action plan on improving transport and trade facilitation in the GMS region. This plan will support economic growth after the global financial crisis.
        Since 1992, six GMS countries have entered into a comprehensive program of economic cooperation in the areas of transport, energy, telecommunications, human resource development, environment, natural resource management , trade facilitation, private investment, tourism and agriculture, with support from ADB and other development partners.
        Kunio Senga, ADB's Director General for Southeast Asia, said: "In just one generation, the Mekong region countries have shifted from conflict to economic cooperation, achieving remarkable progress in the struggle. fight poverty and promote more prosperity. With the foundations set for the next decade, we expect the GMS countries to bring their regional cooperation activities to a higher level, including second generation initiatives on lowering Software-related infrastructure connectivity. "
        He hoped the GMS countries, through their ministers, would set up measures to promote good physical infrastructure cross-border transactions and transportation costs, improving the business environment and ensuring the protection of the environment and society of the sub-region.
       As a regional development bank, ADB promotes cooperation among GMS countries in the modernization process through the construction of roads, ports, railways, power generation facilities, sanitation services and clean water according to international standards. ADB also supports the promotion of a 'soft zone', which includes trade and transport agreements, and promotes environmental protection measures, supports clean energy solutions and supports efforts to reduce climate change.

           (According to Vietnamplus)