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Workshop on "Doha Round and Impact on Vietnam"

In Nha Trang city (Khanh Hoa province), more than 30 delegates are businessmen of state management agencies, research institutes in Central Vietnam and international experts. attended the workshop entitled "Doha Round and Impact on Vietnam."

The workshop was organized by Department of Multilateral Trade Policy - Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The Doha Round was launched in 2001 at the Fourth World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Meeting in Doha, Qatar with the main themes of agriculture, expanding the market for goods and services. , regulatory issues, intellectual property, trade facilitation ...

The negotiations are expected to end in 2005, but negotiations are steadily delayed until now, due to several reasons, including a number of key members who do not agree on key issues. especially in the field of agriculture.

Vietnam's entry into the WTO in 2007, as new members will be exempted from new market access commitments, the extension of the Doha round has a positive and negative impact on economic activity. , the trade of Vietnam in international relations.

According to Prof. Claudio Dordi, Team Leader of MUTRAP III, the Doha Round will soon bring Vietnam many opportunities to expand the market for a wide range of key products. more labor-intensive, eg textiles) in general and to expand the US market than the EU; narrowing the tariff gap between applied and binding levels, finalizing regulations on many anti-dumping issues, subsidizing agriculture ...

Sharing this view, Luong Hoai Thai, deputy director of the Multilateral Trade Policy Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said that Vietnam could be better off if the negotiation process ends soon.

To take advantage of this benefit, businesses need to be aware of the Doha Round, develop appropriate trade policies, take into account the expected results of the Doha Round, adjust the business plan to take advantage of Commitment to open new markets of WTO members.

In addition, the opinion that the longer the Doha round, the more unfavorable for Vietnam because Vietnam may no longer be exempted status for the newly acceded WTO. And while negotiating, many new issues may arise, Vietnam's negotiating responsibilities will be heavier.

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